Saturday, May 26, 2012

Great Ideas for a Fast, Healthier Lunch

If you are busy and on the go during most of the day, you need a quick lunch that you can easily grab and take with you. Of course, you need it to be healthier and not loaded with calories. The best thing to do when planning your lunch is to focus on a protein source, then build around it.

Some healthy lunch items with great levels of protein include: turkey lunch meat, vegetarian chili, egg salad sandwich, tuna salad, and fat-free greek yogurt.

Turkey lunch meat is wonderful for hearty, healthy protein. Add some to a pita pocket and include a little lettuce, tomato, and fat-free feta cheese.

Vegetarian chili usually has lots of different protein sources with many beans and wheat gluten. Add a sprinkle of cheddar cheese for flavor and a little dairy protein.

Egg salad is very healthy and can be very filing. If you make an all egg-white salad, you increase the amount of protein and have no yolk. You can flavor your egg salad with mayo, chives, celery, and a dash of black pepper, which has antioxidant properties. Put on whole wheat or sprouted grain bread for fiber and energy.

Tuna salad is a great item to make for a healthy lunch. Mix a can of tuna with a few spoonfuls of egg-free mayonnaise for a very basic, very high-protein lunch option. Eat with bread or on whole wheat crackers for fiber and carbohydrates.

Fat-free greek yogurt is rich and filling. It tastes great and comes in lots of flavors. This can give you healthy calcium, live cultures for your digestion, and wonderful protein to fill you up and keep you going.

There are so many ideas for a healthy, protein-rich lunch. Just plan ahead for a week of healthier lunch variety.

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